Friday, November 2, 2012


And its Friday. God. What took it so long? I am so tired.

I think it will get better when I'm not waking up at odd times to take Puppy out, I am hopeing that he will someday be potty trained and I will be able to sleep through the night. I am also hopeing that Puppy will also someday learn how to go down the stairs unaided.

You really haven't lived until you've carried an excited twenty five pound puppy with a full bladder down a step flight of stairs in the middle of the night. I have learned things along the way, for instance, I learned that I can save time, paper towels, midnight spikes in blood pressure and cold toes by having my flip flops stationed by my bed instead of leaving them by the back door.

Its the seconds that it takes to slip on the flip flops that opens the door for kitchen floor piddling. You really have to keep the whole thing in motion, the time it takes to open the door you can have a puddle of piddle.

I have figured out that if I am carrying him through this process I can stave off accidents but I have to be carrying him and that can make things like opening doors and using keys difficult. I am also trying to teach him to walk down the stairs, and he is learning, he;'s learning so well that he piddled on the stairs the other night! I love cleaning up pee at 2:30 in the morning while trying desperately to not to become too alert in the process.

This morning I over slept and didn't get him outside until almost four, which means I made it back to bed by a little after four but then my alarm goes off at five and I never really was able to go fully back to sleep before I had to get up for real. I am getting our routine in order now though. I take him out to pee (again) as soon as I get up, we go out and after he's done we come back in and I deposit him in his big crate downstairs while I do my morning ablutions. I then head back upstairs and get dressed and bring his sleeping crate downstairs to the office.

Crate transport finished I can get my tea taken care of and feed the outdoor cat and then search in vain for my paper. Post paper search, I lock Small Cat upstairs so he doesn't eat the puppy chow then  I watch Puppy eat ebcause he likes an audience, cheer-leading when I have too and then I can read the paper and drink my tea and rest  for  moment.

Then Puppy needs to pee and I need to get my stuff finished up and Small Cat really wants some attention - so post pee Puppy goes into his big crate to play. If there is tine I take Puppy out again and I can leave for work.

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