Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I am watching the cooking network with the idea that they are going to enlighten me to the ways of Thanksgiving Dinner. Like there is a chance I am going to make Thanksgiving Dinner. Or have input into Thanksgiving Dinner. I will eat what is placed in front of me and I will like it.

But that doesn't stop me from fantasizing about making my own meal - Turkey and turkey only, an entire bird made with white meat only,  my own self home made seasoned butter under the skin! and my sides - only the ones I like, gorgeous, plain stuffing, lovely blue mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli, rice and cheese sauce! crescent rolls! Because what are the holidays without way too many carbs?

This year I am only going to make one pie. Last year we ended up with six pies and it was just too many pies - Yes, it is possible to have too many pies on hand. You really lose the desire to conserve pie when there is so much of it, it almost becomes less special! You can pick and chose between pies, you can not eat pie. Its not natural.

So.\ this year I'm limiting it to the walnut pie. Its like a very large piece of baklava. The worlds largest baklava. It is very, very good. Too good, its so good it must be bad for you.

And maybe, if I have time, key lime, for old times sake.

I was hopeing this show was going to give me some new ideas but all its doing in explaining how apple cider is made. I don't need to know that. I want to know new and better ways of baking turkey so I can make a really good soup with the bones.

According to the show, green bean casserole is on everyone's Thanksgiving table. Oddly, no, its never been on our thanksgiving table. I grew up in a green bean  casserole free environment, I had no idea we were  a minority group. Today, I have green beans that are looking for something to do, maybe casserole? It might not be a bad idea, I wasn't especially thrilled with the quality of bean I harvested this year so  a casserole setting might be a good outcome for my beans.

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