Tuesday, November 13, 2012


And I'm back!

I had to take some time off to let my FOUR MORE YEARS hang over to heal up a little. I was pretty useless, happy but useless. It turns out my place of work does not really look kindly on my happy dance, especially after eight hours of it. Joy killers.

I went to Asheville with my Mother, it was a therapeutic thing, get a way for a while, eat much better than I could possibly feed myself and shop like a rich person - It turns out that power shopping is really, really good for you! I think we actually helped the economy all by ourselves.

I did my best to be Santa and then with that mission accomplished,  I started to look inward what did I want, what did I need, what can I buy for myself... After a lot of introspection, I bought a cape! Its reversible, vintage and awesome.

After we shopped the hell out of downtown Asheville, so we had to move on to greener pastures. We went to Biltmore.

 What we spent at Biltmore alone probably moved the family into a new tax bracket. Sadly, Biltmore wouldn't sell me a cheap plastic snow-globe, so I had to buy a carnivorous plant for a souvenir instead.

This is Bill. He eats meal worms. They don't sell cheap plastic snow globes or cheap anything, so I had to get a expensive plant instead. I read that these boys can eat cockroaches! I wonder how you tell if your pitcher plant is getting too fat? Because I could over feed this thing in a heart beat, I would be willing to put out a little cockroach live trap too, if they won't go to the plant themselves... I wonder how easy these plants are to propagate... (insert Jeopardy music while I tool around and do some research)  It turns out this is possible but you have to have balls to to it (checking to see, nope, but my ovaries are solid steel) Maybe I'll see if anyone around here sells them. I all ready have the meal worms.

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