Friday, November 16, 2012

He's too sexy

I found a new thing Puppy likes. Puppy likes to be tall

Puppy met his first retaining wall and fell in love! He jumped straight up and made like a gymnast! He was so excited! And so, so tall. I had all ready figured that he is going to be a small weim, but now I know for sure.

Napoliweim. He didn't just walk on those walls, he got his strut on. And he didn't care about how far off the ground he was, he just kept right on going and got a little put out when he ran out of wall. he is lucky that he is still small and light because while he can hop right up, he can't just hop down. Maybe I'll try to make him concentrate on lower walls.

We went on a different route then we usually do so we could search out walls for him to scale. Actually, there as so "scaling" there was a lot of hopping. I knew he had been spending too much time with the cat. I didn't know he had that much strength in his little legs but he can blast off and up like a baby kitty.

I started to think what we could do with his new skill - jumping over toddler gates, counter surfing, molesting my furniture. I thought about Agility training!  he seems to likes heights and has good balance,  he could have a future there. I was a little disappointed in his new found skills as when  he was faced with an actual balance beam sized wall to play with he wasn't down with it! I thought he would just take to it like the others but it was too narrow. He thought it made him look fat.

He could walk a few steps but he couldn't walk the whole bar.  This is something we can work on, I know that no on will mind us walking back and forth in front of the federal court house. The puppy is so cute, you don't think they would mind? If they don't like the beam training maybe they would like it better if we stuck to his other favorite spot: He really likes their planters. He struts on them like little Cat Walks, well, like little Dog Walks. He is a super model dog after all, I think they should be happy that such a hot model wants to cavort in front of their building.

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