Monday, November 19, 2012

Bloggers bloged so no spell check.

You know the holidays are close because I went from having no food in my refrigerator to have too much food in my refrigerator. I couldn't keep eating out every night and I decided I need to make a change. I went shopping, but while I was shopping for dinner I started to think about The Dinner. I needed food and I needed it now.

Did you know that it really doesn't matter when you are at Wallyworld, there is going to be more people there than you had thought? but I am now ready. I am officially going to make two pies and green bean casserole. We've never had green bean casserole for Thanksgiving dinner, or for any dinner actually, so its going to be a new thing for us. I hope its good, but I think its a good way for sub-par beans to make it to the Big League.

I also bought up for Aunt Cookie 2012 and so far I have made five different kinds - cheese, bacon, peanut butter, beef bouillon, and chicken bouillon, I had thought it was six - which made me very happy because I would be half way to done and now I am less than half way done and this makes me sad. I'm not going to be able to deal with dog treats because I'm going to be busy with people treats. I might try to get my sixth vairiety tonight, but I am awfully tired of cookies right now but usually I don't make five batches in such a short time, although one year I did get seven done the first weekend so in reality, I'm slacking despite all the effort it feels like I'm expending. I'll tough it out because I have so many more to make.

After the first batch was finsihed up, I took a break and raked the front yard. The city is coming around to take away colected leaves and I wanted to have something for them to collect. I could have done a second pass  Sunday and should have but I ran out of  time and light. If it really bothers me and it does,  I'm always looking for outdoor work to do during the week. Not.

My first real task of the weekend was taking Rocket to the vet. He is now 32 pounds and street legal. He now has all his vacines and is ready to go. The vet and I think that now that he is clear of whatever infection he may or may not have had and so I didn't have him tested. The vet thought he looked very good. It made me happy and I can live with him drinking all the water he wants and wetting more frequently and more well, more but he is eating a lot better and his pee doesn't stink the way it did. So he's still not even close to housebroken at almost five months old and is peeing everywhere but now my house smells less of pee. Yay.

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