Friday, November 30, 2012

Tree II

My plan for the evening was go to the store and buy pie and dog cookie ingredients and then bake said pie after I get home and make cookies all weekend.  Went to the store stuck more or less to my list. Score.

And then I came home and looked at my sink full of dishes and decided that I couldn't do anything about the pie until I emptied and then refilled the washing machine. Then the rest of the kitchen looked bad so that had to be taken care of  then with the kitchen less gross and more pie worthy the rest of the house looked bad so that had to be  looked into and then I thought about the ornaments that also had to be brought down and by then I decided that I could bake the pie tomorrow and that that would be better anyway .

But then I thought Just because I'm not actually making it tonight does not mean that I can't prep what I can to save time tomorrow after work! and so I ground the walnuts. Well, that saved four minutes. And then I started to wonder if it was more important for the house to be clean or for the to be ornaments downstairs to put on the tree in the first place?

We can't decorate the tree with out them ready to go and they are not easy to get to. So Ornaments. Okay, what about that cat? Kitty can't be with me getting them because I don't want him to get into the attic, so he's locked downstairs.

Fine, but, post ornaments getting, I don't want the cat to play with them all day while I'm at work, so he then has to be locked upstairs all day. He hates this. And now that the ornaments are down stairs everything looks like it did before - messy and un-tidy. Is it more important top vacuum or have the ornaments ready for go time? Its not like I can't do both but I can't do both and do both.
And then I start to wonder if maybe it wouldn't be a better idea to do the pie now verses tomorrow after work beause I'm still going to have to take care of the dog and that's going to take a lot of the immediate after work period and if I want to make this pie maybe I should just make the pie now because its not likes it complicated after all, its ground walnuts and apple pie filling - hardly a big job or time consuming but why not just do it after work instead if its such a quick job?

How many things can I not get done in a single evening?

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