Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Should also add to list

"Discover boxes the wrong size"
"scour house for smaller boxes"
"thank God"
"remember to return grossly over sized boxes"
" remind self that the household has many, many tape dispensers, do not buy more tape"
"be unable to find any tape dispensers"
"buy more tape"
"investigate gift bag options"
"go to Itunes"
"obessivly listen to single Gotye song"
"wallow in rage"
"decide world needs more cornbread"
"make more cornbread"
"go two for three with cornbread"
"unsuccessfully search through card collection to find card for non-Christmas celebrating card needers"
"hope that non-Christmas celebrating folks refrain from sending card"
"get card from non-Christmas celebrating folks"
"decide computer needs to move upstairs"
"drop computer desk down the stairs"
"be thrilled that desk is now in two pieces, thus easier to get upstairs"

Have done list
Cookies made
Cookies bagged
Doggy Santa picture
Doggy Santa Card
Diana Christmas card
Marquette Christmas Card
boxes bought
label's updated and in pipeline
gifts bought

To Do List
search for other Christmas CDs for work
display received cards
put boxes together
fill boxes
label boxes
remember to insert cards
remember to insert ingredient slips into dog cards
Remember to mail Marquette cards to Marquette
mail boxes
bring cookies to work
bring cards to work
buy stamps
mail cards
review gifts
wrap gifts

Tured all ready

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