Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Jumping bean

Rocket and I have reached a new stage of our relationship : The pinch collar stage.

I had been very proud of the tow of us - strutting around just using his collar or harness and looking all "well behaved" and "under control". This was all well and good while he was wee but he isn't as wee as he was and all of a sudden he's a lot stronger than he used to be.

He will never be the tank that Daisy was but he's well on his way to being at the very least a very heavy bicycle and I really think anyone wants a bike grabbing them by the shoulders and checking out their fillings.  Its frankly embarrassing when you are at the other side of the leash and your "bike" is getting up close and personal with passersby and there isn't anything you can do buy yank on the leash and watch nothing happen.

Enter pinch collar.It makes things happen. The puppy school guy just had a wave of disappointment wash over him, he does not  approve of pinch collars, hes a good trainer but his dog is short and has little arms, he can't know the heart break of pulling your dog off someones head. He can disapprove all he wants, I do not approve of my dog getting caught in  ladies shawls (happened, not our best moment). Its a thing.

The final straw was during our walk Monday night. He was pulling, pulling, pulling and we went on a long walk, this usually helps to defuse a lot of that behavior but it didn't work this time. We're about eight blocks from home and we're burning daylight. We pass a townhouse with three generations hanging out on the porch. Rocket launches himself at a guy trying to get past us and I yank him back. He goes airborne and the crowd reacted like they were watching an air show gone bad.

I came home, fed him and did some body work on Daisy's' old collar. He can still reach for the stars but hes not going to be able to jump on them.

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