Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dear old golden rule days

In honor of the first day it wasn't raining or snowing or sleeting or being too damn cold,  or while being a combination of the above all at the same time. Rocket and I took a long walk downtown and then we came back home and I celebrated by giving him an entire can of wet dog food, and I very slightly undercooked a chicken breast on the stove. Slightly, as in not really "undercooked" but more like produced a chicken breast a lot more juicy than my usual slightly overcooked chicken breast I usually make for myself.

 I was starving after our long walk and once the chicken wasn't pink anymore I declared it was done enough. It was a Julia Child's recipe I looked up so I could use my new Herbs de Provence I bought at TJ Maxx, my house smells very good now. The chicken, post a stay in the toaster oven, will be outstanding on the second night.

Another reason to celebrate, I signed Rocket up for Dog School today. It will be his first foray away from home, up until now he's been home schooled with a tutor but its time for him to go off to public school with the other kids. He starts on Ash Wednesday, actually, I start om Ash Wednesday, there is an orientation session for the dog people that first night and then the following week the dogs start school.

The class is going to mix basic obedience and intro to agility equipment. I think its going to be a good learning experience for him and for me. I also think forcing us to be around other dogs is going to help us both, me more than him because thus far he seems to like other dogs.  I am really hoping that I don't some how pass on to him my irrational fear of other dogs/dog aggression PTSD I developed with Daisy and I think this will be a good way for me to overcome it and for him to never come across it. The school has a whole curriculum of classes for the dogs to take over time and there is a wide assortment of majors to chose from.  I think it will be a good  thing for us.

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