Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Howling

Today I'm going too see how long it takes Rocket to finish a bag of dog food. Rocket is right now very annoyed with me, I took away one of his toys because it had become upbraided and I think he swallowed one of the "arms" and he gaged on it.

Its gone now. He feels that a little gagging isn't that big a deal and should remove the toy from the trash and return it to him. I think he can chew on his over sized Kong toy. I think I need to buy him more toys. He used to have a lot of toys but time and teething has really cut down the ranks. If he doesn't have an adequate supply of toys he has the nasty habit of making his own toys and nobody wants that. Its much cheaper to go to Big Lots and invest in a a handful of rubber toys than it is to invest in new shoes or new pillows or a new coffee table. He's not as little as he used to be.

Why do all dogs think Keep Away is such a fabulous game? I hate this game. I don't want to play chase and I do not want to go spelunking down a doggy throat to see what both of us find so valuable. Apparently we both find a piece of yarn to be very, very important and we both want it very badly. I decided that what he really wanted was some nice peanut butter smeared inside his bone. At least I know what he has in his mouth.

I;m sitting here watching Rocket chew and  the wind howl. Its times like this that I am forever grateful that the big giant tree all ready came down - not that there was any danger of that healthy specimen voluntarily coming down on its own, but that's hind sight now. It looked like it was ready to crush my house at any time, I know it wasn't going to topple over  on my house at least,now, but it did get uprooted and it came down with or without its cooperation. But its gone now and the wind can howl all it wants.

I might still take Rocket for a walk out in it, its blustery but the wind is warm and its wild in a very interesting way and unlike Daisy, Rocket doesn't mind a little sound and fury.  And as long as its dry sound and fury ... wet sound and fury he still doesn't care for.

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