Thursday, January 10, 2013


Rocket and I were walking through the historic district.Lovely, always lovely. If my house was in Oakwood it would be worth about 300K more and I could still have my Christmas decorations up. Lights, air-blown, tree - the whole thing. I had to have my stuff down last weekend.

We're walking along and I notice that there were new flyer's on the light poles. I investigate because there are a lot of flyer's up my way too, lost kitties. Our notices are all about missing marmie kitties - three that I know about, I don't think its a coincidence: Someone is snatching yellow kitties.

ANYWAY. This is not my neighborhood  and these flyer are not about missing kitties.The flyer's were about a prayer service being held tonight at one of the half dozen little churches scattered on the edges of the historic district. "Oh" I said, the historic district found a religion apart from home restoration. We continue walking and we run across the church in question and two TV trucks. One of the trucks has a guy with it and I say "Newsworthy prayer meeting?, are they praying against something interesting? and the guy says "Its about the shooting" and I said What shooting? and he said "The one down the street, two guys with shot guns......"

The two gun welding scum bags broke into the house and shot the guy and tried to rape the woman. It does not help that the news story has a picture of one of them looking like every scary black man ever with the headline: "Second brother arrested in Home Invasion". I was like please Gawd let them be siblings. I know the headline writer had been praying for the opportunity to use it somehow some day. Tacky as hell though, I don't care how correct it was, they were actually brothers, but still, tacky as hell.

I noticed there was no crime tape, you would never know something horrible happened, down my way, I've noticed that crime tape stays up longer than Christmas decorations and its harder to get rid of than tinsel in the carpet.

We continued our walk and overheard two neighbors several blocks up discussing the prayer meeting and whether they were attending, the young mother was not, her kids bedtime was scheduled for the same time but the older woman was going. The worst thing that is supposed to happen to you in Oakwood is your neighbor stealing your contractor. This is not like that. Enter prayer service.

However, a couple of blocks to the south (really,  just a couple of blocks down) there have been hooker sweeps  and a couple of years ago a little further up a guy was shot dead in the street and drive-bys happen and everyone knows what a gun shot sounds like and the sirens wail almost non-stop and the houses are less old and in worse shape and I have never walked a dog there.

 Further down you hit my neighborhood, nice but not as nice. Not as nice but no home invasions or dead men in the street, unless they got hit by a bus - and if you do get broken into, chances are someone on the street knows who did it. I do have to wonder if this did happen (God Forbid) in my neighborhood how many news trucks to would show up for the prayer meeting or how shocked any of us would really be.

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