Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Winter Wonderingland

Two mornings in a row they neighbor girl has startled me  as I walk past with Rocket. I am supposed to be out and about at 5:30am, I am dressed for it and prepared for dark. She is wrapped in a blanket outside the front door playing with her phone! At 5:30am, in the dark and the cold, the real pre-dawn cold, in a blanket!. I have a coat and shoes and ear muffs and I'm fully awake and dressed. I am still cold.

I wonder what she's doing there, and why all of a sudden?  I have noticed her car isn't there as often  and she arrives home very late and she parks in the street instead of in the driveway, but she does travel for her job and maybe her hours have changed. Its just odd though. Who sits on their front porch in a blanket in the pre-dawn hours? Odd.

Well, speaking of odd, Rocket played in the snow today!

It didn't snow here! I don't even know where the snow came from! It was just there, I had Rocket play in the mysetery snow because someday he might see real snow and I want him to have some memory of feeling it before. New experiences are key for puppies.
Speaking of new
I was beginning to wonder if I was going to have to call the city to see what the hold up was, it had been weeks and it wasn't becoming less of an attractive hazard.
From the back

It was a much larger building than I had thought, the next time I'm downtown I'm going to check out the backside better, it was too hard to get close enough to see anything and I want to see better what is left and how large the space is. Its still an attractive hazard!
It sounds like someone is outside using a chainsaw... Not a chain saw, a mini-bike. Almost as dangerous and more mobile with the same engine. I hope they get to where they are chopping soon.

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