Friday, January 4, 2013

Happiness is a warm puppy

I was going t say how cool the lap top is because I can sit on my chair wrapped in my awesome electric blanket and do my thing and be warm  at the same time being all cool and watching the good TV and gazing at the tree, I also thought how awesome it would be to do all these things while the puppy sleeps on the chair with me. Like we do almost every evening.

This evening the puppy wasn't sleepy. I had to rewrite my evening.

So. Now I'm going to say how awesome the lap top is and how I can sit on the futon with my awesome electric blanket - totally portable by the way, I was sad I had to leave it in the living room but then I smacked myself in the head and said Hey, just unplug it ya dummy! Take it with you! while the dog sits behind me and chews his bone. Must remember to make sure he is not also chewing the blanket. So far so good. The puppy is all about lumbar support, who knew? Heated lumbar support at that! He has exactly the right size and shape and body temperature to offer lower back support.

This isn't quite as charming as sitting in front of the pretty tree and the comfy chair and the big TV and the sleeping puppy but the puppy wasn't sleepy then, now he's happy gnawing his bone and being all calm and lovely and sweet. For this second right now, puppies are like the weather in spring, wait five minutes and its going to change - but for these minutes right now, he's being still and calm and helpful.

My next project with him is going to be learning to be in the office out of this crate by himself without freaking out, which is what he does now. I really want him to be okay with being in this room unsupervised because this is going to be his home base and I want him to be good with it. I don't remember having to work with Daisy about being in the room by herself. She also was in the room in her crate for a very long time, so she was acclimatized to the space all ready and was able to make the transition quickly.

I don't want Puppy to be his crate for a "very long time" so I need him to get acclimated sooner. Now the puppy is sleeping.

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