Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dogs and Cats

The little cat is feeling lonely and unloved. To compensate he is busy growing a marvelously fluffy coat, softer and fuller than before and he is also nurturing the most luscious whiskers. He has never been more beautiful.  Soft and fluffy and gorgeous and round, small cat is getting perilously close to buying his collars in the "stocky" department. I have driven my cat to emotional eating!

The bigger he gets, the braver he gets. He is also getting good a teasing the dog. In the mornings while I'm reading the paper he hops onto the table and looks at the dog and says Oh, look, I am being rewarded for being up here! Just think about what happens when you even think about  putting your nose up here like me! She just nuzzled my ears! Oh! Oh! She picked me up to cuddle! Look at me and Mama being all lovey! Have fun over there on you bed in the corner!

And then he goes to delicately sip the dogs water.

Both of them have noticed that there are places that Small cat can go that Puppy can not. The cat spends a lot of time on the couch just because he can - he never was a big couch sitter before but all of a sudden its his favorite place. I think this is because its right in the path the dogs takes from his crate to the kitchen and the kitty is all Oh, are you on a leash? Oh that must suck for you. Does she not trust you enough to let you run free all the time? Do you require constant supervision? That is so sad. Even when you are off the leash are you really ever "off the leash"? I don't have a leash, I don't require supervision, I never needed to be followed around. Just more mature I guess. I'm going to go doze on the dining room table. Why don't you see what happens when you do it!

Small cat has also upped the anti by starting to play with his cat toys again. He hasn't had much interest in them since he grew out of kitten hood. Suddenly, he has seen the wisdom of play and its high cuteness quotient and suddenly he's baby kitty again. I think he has also watched Puppy playing with his toys and seen the reaction and support "happy young animal playing with toys" gets and is trying to get in on the action. Puppy doesn't like sharing the cute stage and gets even by stealing Small cats toys and carrying them around in his mouth until they are wet and saturated with dog smell. I don't think I've seen Small cat play with the toys after the Puppy has hijacked. Point to puppy.

Thus far the dog toys are safe but I have noticed that some of them disappear from time to time only to turn up in places I'm pretty sure the puppy doesn't have access to. I swear though, the first time I find a chicken under my pillow I'm going to see if Cesar Milan works with cats.

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