Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Getting ready

Well. Wednesday. Great. I did get one thing accomplished today : Rocket is getting his bordetella shot Saturday morning so he will be completely ready to go for his first class on the twentieth. He doesn't have to have it according to the paperwork I've gotten from the class, but there will be other dogs there and its a cheap insurance policy. The vets office promised I won't even have to see a the doctor, we'll just show up  Saturday morning and they'll take care of it in the lobby.

I saw a lot of back and forth on the shot when I went looking online. I got it a few times for Daisy while we were using the dog park a lot or before boarding, but it wasn't something I got just to get it as a prophylactic as its only good for six months it didn't seem worth it and we skipped it most of the time.

It protects the dog against getting a doggy chest cold and  is more or less equivalent to getting a doggy flu shot, its either going to protect you or its not, because not all bordetella virusi are created equally. And if your dog does get it, while it sounds bad when the the dog is hacking and gagging, its rarely a serious problem.

But, better safe than sorry. I have to pick up his vaccination record anyway.

I am also hopeing to make it out to the breeders this weekend. We haven't seen them in months and they want to see Rocket in person. They are such nice people and have a lot of land for Rocket to run on and his sisters are there and I really want to see how he measures up. I'm pretty sure he is smaller and lighter than they are, clearly he is his Daddy's boy all the way.

I think his size will make him a better agility dog though - lighter, quicker, more ballerina like all around. I'm not sure that "being a ballerina" something you see in agility literature, but it should be! I do know that small size and weight is desirable for a dog meant for hunting as it allows them to get into smaller spaces and through the underbrush easier and more quietly. So lets hear it for Romeo! Daddy Dog extraordinaire!

But first we have to work on "stay" and "down". Puppy steps.

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