Thursday, February 7, 2013

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

I've eaten so many Girl Scout cookies over the past two days that I crave something that isn't a GSC! Who knew that was even possible? I am bored of Thin Mints!

My world is askew.

I received my class registration for Rockets' Obedience class.  I have filled out less paper work with fewer details with a new internist.   They need to know how many hours a week I spend training the dog! If I was spending hours a week training the dog I wouldn't need to go to dog school! They asked what commands the dog knows, which ones he responds to and what still needs work. Again, if I could teach him commands and if he responded to those commands, why am I sending him to school?

The next set of questions were about Behavior problems. Destructive? Jumping? High Energy level? Digs? Chews? Growls? Bites? Mouthy? Flip-Flop changes in temperament?  Um. He's a puppy?

On the upside, he doesn't actually have many of the real problem behaviors and thus far he hasn't manifested any of the fears and he is not at all aggressive to anyone men, women, children or other animals. He cooperated at the vets office all three times he's been there, but then he was very small and didn't have much choice and he really wasn't asked to participate.

A few of the questions made me sad because they made me think of Daisy and I really wished I knew about classes like the  "Fearful Fido's" class this school offers and how they could have helped her so much and made her quality of life so much better than it was. My poor Daisy.

The questionnaire did make me feel better about Rocket and his development, mostly because there were no questions about toilet training or how long we've been working on it or how slowly its going or how frustrated I am with the whole thing. They didn't ask about his chew toy habit or his weirdness about bedding or that he's afraid of water.  So they'll know he's not likely to lunge at the other dogs and that he knows "sit" but he doesn't know about sitting in his "place", and  they'll know he doesn't jump but not that he only stopped jumping when he had enough of getting kneed in the chest, they'll know to the best of my knowledge that he's not scared of thunder, but not that he has never actually heard thunder.

There was only so much space on the form.

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