Friday, February 8, 2013

Rise and Shine

Note to self : If you don't want the puppy to get his second wind at 9pm, don't let him spend most of the evening catching his breath.

Napping is so cute when he's napping. And then he wakes up. Racing around is so not cute, its so racing and arounding and  wide awake. Much more awake than he seems usually.  He's still cute but he's so much more into jumping on my furniture when he's super  awake. He hasn't figured out how to open the doors I try to close while he's  so awakey but I'm sure he'll get there.

Fortunately, he isn't awake for long, this phase is short lived. He runs some wind sprints and he's ready for bed again by 10pm and ready to go again by 5am. Daisy was so easy! She woke up when I woke her up, she went back to bed when I put her back to bed and she just went back to bed. Period. No barking no whining no trashing her box . So easy.

Sigh. A grown dog is just so much easier than a puppy. No one mentions that when they talk about puppies! They don't talk about how much work they are, they just focus on the cuteness and sweetness and the fluffiness - Which is a big part of the story but its not the only part of the story. But if the general puppy buying public knew what they were getting into... Well, it would not be good for puppies over all. if you knew how much work they were, no one would ever get a puppy and if you don't go through the work of a puppy you never get the comfort  and comparable ease of the eventual adult dog.

The adult dog bonds to you because you do work so hard with them while they're a puppy! I mean if it was easy, how would you learn about each other? How would you even recognise how good you have it?  So, I'm going to try to remember that these are the good old days.

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