Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Going crazy

I got the idea that the reason I keep losing things in the house is that the house is hungry, so I fed it the dogs' pinch collar.  I didn't realize I had given it the collar until I got the idea that Rocket needed a walk. I took him for a walk because I don't keep veterinary quality tranquilizers in the house. Yet.

I do not enjoy taking Rocket for a walk without his pinch collar. Rocket does not enjoy walking without his pinch collar because he does not like being forced to sit! every time he thinks he knows where we're going and I know he doesn't like the tone of my voice as the walk progresses.  I can make him see the  folly of his ways much more gently and using a much more soothing tone of voice when he is wearing the pinch collar, otherwise, it requires some force and I am not a forceful person and I really do not enjoy being driven to shrieking at him in public. Its bad enough inside the house without witnesses, but  raise your voice to a puppy on the street and even the street crazies look at you like you're a wacko.

Speaking of wacko behavior. On our walk I decided that this whole house eating my stuff thing is not working out for me. I remembered years ago in the theatre, there was a theory that if you lost something on the stage ( a potential huge problem), that after you have exhausted your options, you should ask for it back. So I did. I stood in my living room and  apologized for whatever it was I did and asked for my stuff back. When I looked up my collar was on the floor. Ta Da.

And how was your day : I came home for lunch today and found a puddle in the puppy's crate that was so large and deep that he got precious about walking around it. I blame us both for this. I gave him too much water for breakfast, I was getting better know how much was too much with his old water bowl, I broke the old water bowl and now I'm starting over again. Tomorrow I'm going to use a smaller bowl.

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