Monday, February 18, 2013

Lost and Found

I failed on my mission. I looked for some things that in the end I did not find, but I do now know what is under ever piece of furniture I own. There were far fewer dead things than I had imagined.

I did get a few projects done I wasn't planning on doing. My kitchen junk drawers are organized and I got rid of a lot of stiff, I then moved on to the hot pad drawer and found a cookbook I knew was somewhere but I wasn't sure exactly where and I also found a very nice hammer that I can't imagine what it was doing on my bookshelf I found something! I felt like a search and rescue dog that hadn't rescued anyone in a while. Yay for validation.

Later, I needed it to do an emergency fix an old chair that needed to be hammered back together - Rocket can still sit in my lap, but if we're going to do that, we need to use a better chair.  But what I was looking for all weekend, was not there. I am going with the idea that during a prior clean up, all of it somehow got thrown away and are now gone. Moving on. Pissed at self, concerned about blow back, does Netflix send guys to break your knees? Will I be able to file my taxes? I did not have a good weekend.

I need to focus on what I have not thrown away. I went through my junk drawers and now I have a much more organized junk drawers. I decided after finding out what I had there, that most of it does not need to be in the kitchen, I decided that a future office desk will need drawers to store all my crayons and rulers and ear plugs. I am also going to move my big spoons and whisks from a container on the shelf to those drawers, its cleaner and less cluttered and I all ready have very little counter space. Also at some point in the future, I am fully expecting my shelf to be installed and that will allow me to move my cooks books off the counter and out of my way. It will make them easier to access and also kind of a decorative touch.

I also reorganized my long term storage cabinet and thinned the magnet herd on my refrigerator.

Did I mention it snowed all day Saturday? All. Day. Can you tell now that it snowed for a good twenty-four hours? No, not at all. Its weird and off putting.

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