Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Back and Forth

Plan "A" was to really quick run to Wallyworld and pick up the protean bars I was supposed to buy at  Sam's but couldn't because they didn't have any, I didn't want to have to make another stop to buy these but you do what you have to do for your protean bars. This trip to Wally was supposed to be easy in , easy out. And it would have worked! I went in I knew where my stuff was and I was out the door. And back home to take the puppy out to pee.

Well, my stuff and some other stuff, but it was on sale stuff so it was still part of the plan. Plan is going well, I'm going to be in and out and back home in time to do some housekeeping chores and watch some TV and maybe do some training drills with the puppy and take him out to pee.

And then I got to the check out and I had no money. I had no credit cards , I had my Sam's card. You can't use a Sam's card anywhere that isn't Sam's. You would think that at Wallyworld, you could use your Sam's card - but you can't. You might as well scan your library card.

So I went home and took the puppy out to pee.

And  and got my credit card and turned around and went back to the store and re-shopped for my stuff. My original stuff had been disappeared.

I got my stuff and went home, and took the puppy out to pee. Why am I taking the puppy out and out and out? Sunday morning I was woken by a flood of pee, Monday morning I was awoken by a flood of pee. I do not want to wake up Tuesday by another flood of pee. In respect to the puppy not being weeks old any long, the new schedule for my months old puppy is every forty-five minutes instead of every thirty - showing some respect for his advanced months of experience and know-how.

We're going out all the time again because he does not know -how to experience not peeing in his crate. He did though, for a whole ten days! Saturday was the first day since I brought him home that I didn't get up at 5a that he didn't wake me up pre-dawn to take him out. It was beautiful.

It was so beautiful that it couldn't last. Ten days forwards, three months back.

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