Monday, March 4, 2013


I had a better than average Friday. There was no way that the rest of the weekend was going to be able to stand up next to it. Last week I bought a bigger crate for Rocket, the crate had a broken door, I spoke to the seller and Thursday after work I went to meet him again and he fixed it.  By Friday morning it was broken again and I needed an new door.

If something is broken, you fix it, if you can't fix it, you buy another one. I had checked to see if I could buy a replacement door online and found many, many options. The problem is that you really have to know a lot about the lineage of your crate to buy a replacement anything for it. Its not enough to know the brand. ( many, many most have nothing to do with who made it) and seller , and you have to know who manufactured it . In my case, the crate  was sold by Walmart and is emblazoned with ASPCA. The crates shawdowy manufacturer and Wally gave a pittance to the ASPCA to stick their name on, but  the ASPCA  Store doesn't have anything to do with it and don't know who made the crate - I know this because I called and asked them.

There are several companies that sell replacement parts for your dog crate but you need to know a lot more than I bet you do about the crate in question. For instance, where did you buy it? when? what kind is it? There are thousands of different kinds. You have no idea.

After calling several replacement makers I was given the tip that Petmate had ASAPCA crates on their site. I then had to search for a number to call because looking at dozens of crate doors was making me cranky. It turned out that Petmate, once upon a time, under a different name was the manufacturer the crate in question.

And shockingly, I got a person and that person asked for a picture of the crate and that nice person did some research around the office and they found my crate! An old model called a  Pet Taxi Classic that uses a door that is not listed on the site, but she gave me the model number. I had to send a check in by snail mail because they aren't set up to do sell things over the phone if the item isn't listed on the site. Its going to take some time for my door to get to me, but its coming. Best Friday Ever.  Super customer service, absolute first rate.

And then I went to First Fridays and hit a couple of galleries and some stores  downtown I really like and didn't buy a damn thing (Yay!!)  but I did talk to a couple of artists and that was cool.

Saturday afternoon I stood in line for an hour and half to get Kitty his rabies shot at Petco and it only set me back $13 so I can't complain too much about the wait because my vet would have charged me an office visit fee and for the vaccination and I can't afford all that. Kitty is street legal and I got to hang out with a lot of really cute dogs.

You know what it says about you when you spend your Saturday night at Walmart - Entirely too much. I did a big bunch of nothing over the weekend and got next to nothing accomplished and I am still think I need a day to recover from it all.

Towards the end of my exciting foray into late night Walmart shopping - I did find a moment to harangue the family in front of me in line to Move up! Move 'em all up" complete with arm gestures and raised voice. I mean really, they were spread out and I couldn't tell if they were in a line or loitering.  Whatever they were doing, they needed to do it while moving . I knew they couldn't be trying to Occupy the Walmart because Occupy would never willingly step foot into a Walmart - they would  throw up a picket line and set up camp outside, but there are some things even they won't stoop to.

Anyway, I learned that if you say "move" with enough force that the idea crosses language barrier. I also think that telling them to "¡√Āndale!" while correct, would have been rude and possibly construed as racist. Instead I erred on the side of caution and was just a bitch. They did move.

I got my comeuppance though, the check out girl was a huge bitch to me and the key lime pie I bought half off was absolutely dreadful. I had to throw it away! I never throw away dessert food! I will hang out to the bitter end of a pie or cake, no matter how bitter that end is. I should have noticed that it was covered with meringue and I hate meringue , at first glance it looked like cool whip and I am in favor of cool whip. I tried prying of the meringue and to just east the key lime part but that was if possible even worse. A complete disappointment.

That's what I get for being a bitch, bad pie.

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