Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Not going to be pumped up.

I took Rocket for our forced march daily walk and along the way we passed a coffee bar and while it was closed on Monday, they were totally open to leaving sealed bags of used coffee grounds marked "FREE and GOOD FOR YOUR GARDEN!" outside their door.

Win! I said to myself. I love free stuff and I am especially open to free stuff for my garden. So I hefted up one of the bags- this should have been a portent of things to come, "hefting" implies weight and I should have thought about the weight.

It got weighty. By the time we started home I was exhausted and my arms felt like wet spaghetti. Later on it didn't get better, my upper arms and shoulders ached all night . I tried to look at is as a positive addition to my work out but I don't really look at the walk as a work out. Its an hour, so it s a but more taxing than a stroll but its been a long time since it was a real work out.

Enter real work out. I didn't like it, I think an hour walk every day is a pretty good bit of exercise and I don't need to add to my regime at this time , although I am thinking of getting a pool pass again now that Rocket can and will hold it from lunch to after five. He can hold it as long as I am not at home, once I am home its a whole different story. I can take him out every half hour for hours and he will still wet his box at a quarter to one in the morning! But he can hold it from when I leave in the morning to after four when I get home. Could it be that me being there is an issue? But for some reason, nights are harder for him,  Monday night sucked especially hard, I was awake with my aching arms when he started to pee his box. It put me in a super good mood.

The days are better, but days we have a  rather strict rationing program for water and as we get into the warmer months that isn't going to work. I think I'm going to see if I can add a cup of water to his kibble in a addition to the cup of water he has with his breakfast and see if he can hold it until lunch. But not at night, at night we aren't adding a drop to the all you can drink water bar he all ready has going. I can't restrict his intake in the evenings since he gets so little during the day, I don't want to give him kidney damage.

I think that now he is back to  a unyielding bed of newspapers he might be able to do it, a soft bed makes him more incontinent. He went from wetting during the day and being dry at night to be dry during the day and wet at night. I can't win.

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