Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Vertical Gardening Ideas

When I wasn't playing with the animals or sunning myself in the yard I attended a class on Vertical Gardening at my favorite boutique-y garden nursery.

One of the ideas we were told about was turning a packing pallet into a vertical garden. This sounds very interesting to me as I don't have a lot of horizontal space and I do have some very lonely brick walls. I found this how-to on YouTube, its not exactly what we were taught in the class, but I think it makes more sense to me.

If you don't like how it is presented in this one, there are dozens of others. I kind of think this is something I could do, but I would paint out the pallet to make it pretty.The instructor suggested blackboard paint but I would think you would have to re-do it every time you watered, but that might be cool too.
Another idea that seemed really do-able and easier than the pallet plan was to use a shoe caddy into a planter. I found this tutorial and it included an idea that we didn't talk about in the class. To keep the planter from rotting out whatever you have it hanging on, install a curtain rod and hang from it away from the wall. Excellent idea, here is the tutorial .
The instructor spoke briefly about using plastic soda bottles as planters, but I was having a hard time picturing the idea. I looked around and found a pretty good explanation . It sounds like a great way to make a lot of  cheap hanging baskets and hanging baskets are expensive and seem to have a short life span, I thought the decorative duct tape idea was kind of cool too.
 Lots of stuff to think about. Speaking of the garden, I may have planted the potatoes too early and they may have gotten too cold. I should have tiny sprouts and I do not. I see myself starting over.

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