Monday, March 11, 2013

Wild Weekend Photoblogging!

I did some laundry, sorry not photo-blogged as it wouldn't have been work-safe. Way too racy and provocative. I made some weird choices and there was some mixing of lights and darks and I'm just afraid it wouldn't be okay with the powers that be. I also took Rockets bedding outside to air out. I told you, weird, wild stuff.

Then I decided to tackle a problem Daisy never had. Hard to imagine, a problem Daisy didn't have. More and more I am learning exactly what a pillar of good citizenship and quick learning she was and I never gave her credit for it. Poor dog. When Daisy drank from her bowl she drank from her bowl. The water went form point A to point B with no stops in-between. When Rocket drinks he irrigates the surrounding farm land whether that farm land needs the water or not. It seem,s that he doesn't like getting his nose wet. He drinks out of the bowl but leaves his nose over the edge of the bowl. The water goes everywhere. Its only after he has built a dog-made lake on the floor that he will put his nose into to the water bowl.

I figured that there must be a solution for this. Rocket is not the sloppiest drinker in Dogdom! Shocking. Go online and ask a question and you will get answers, lots of answers .

After reviewing the choices and my responses ranging from You want how much!? to That would terrify him! I scares me! I decided to put the question in again and instead of looking for product, try looking for answers. And I got one that worked!

Cheap and non-threatening!

You may also notice that the surrounding floor is oddly clean appearing, its because it is clean! I saw a tip online about using scrubbing bubbles on you dirty, stained linoleum floors and damned if it didn't work as well as they said it would. My  ancient gross, pitted, stained floors now look just ancient.

Since I was feeling like Holly Homemaker, I turned to making dinner.  I decided weeks ago that I really wanted to make Pasties like we get in Marquette and I am sure that the women in my family way, way back in the day, made frequently. I of course made some changes to the recipe because I am not going to cube anything and I'm not going to eat turnip. This is the now and its Raleigh NC.

I bought some ground round and some shredded carrots and used some left over red potatoes and some dried onion flakes, powdered garlic, salt and pepper and a healthy dusting of herbs de' Provence, because I like it.

Instead of the heavier dough used in the traditional recipe, I substituted store bought pie dough, see "not standing a cubing".

When I make them again, and this time they were really good, but next time I will use more carrots and potatoes and real onions and I will brown them together on the stove before they go into the oven. They  don't look much like the traditional dish and they didn't taste much like what I remember and they turned out a little too meatloaf -in-a-blanket for true pasties, but  they were only made to please myself and they did please me, and they were delicious and will make for great leftovers.

And then there was playing with the dog and cat

And after that Rocket and I went to Lake Johnston to take advantage of the gorgeous weather

And now I have to go back to work. Blah.

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