Monday, March 25, 2013

The joys of doing almost nothing.

There are some weekends when I can report that I did, this and this and this and this and boy was I ever busy! Goodness, I need to go back to work just to get some rest! And then there are weekends like this one. I did laundry and looked up recipes for dry dog shampoo,  priced concrete blocks and, well, that's about it, oh, and I paid my Sam's Club bill.

The only un-restful, not relaxing portion of my weekend was when I decided to wash the dog, hence the search for dry dog shampoo - because while the bath was a slightly less awful experience than the last time I gave him a bath, it was still awful and now I am desperate enough that  I'm willing to experiment with alternate remedies. And then I collapsed in front of the TV and stayed there.

I mean, Yea!!! lets her it for getting a lot of rest, which I did and for cleaning out my DVR, which I also did and  for spending a lot of time doing nothing, which I also did. I was so busy doing nothing that I let another weekend go by without watching whatever I ordered from Netflix.

While I was watching a three week old Cooking Channel special on cooking for Chinese New Year, I decided that I am going to make duck at some point. There is a very nice Asian market in Cary and they sell duck and someday when I have money again, I am going to buy one and prepare it. You gotta to dream big. There was also a nice recipe featured for baked chicken and it looked doable as well and I think I will, its always nice to have achievable dreams too.

Big weekend at the Dianaverse. I bought some carrot seeds to plant in my future bricks, so now I have to get them, carrot seeds are too small to deal with for no reason, I've never grown carrots before so this will be another new thing for Garden 2013.

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