Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Thursday or Friday of last week I decided that spring had sprung and I needed to add de-winterization to my To-Do list. I put my coats away because I didn't need to access them anymore! I uncovered my water spigot and plug in a hose even planted some plants! Outside, in the spring! Yay!

Inside the house I put my flannel pjs back into storage and send my fuzzy sheets and electric blanket with them and replaced them with summer weight cotton sheets and jammies. Sunday morning I woke up in a fetal position wondering why I was so cold and I began to rethink the whole "spring has sprung" idea. Rotten spring! It stuck its head out, look around watched a few minutes of CNN and decided to go back to bed.

Do you know how hard it is to fit very young tomato plants with tiny parkas? The potato plants are a little more cold weather tolerant but I still had to get them fitted, individually, for little polartec vests. The baby corn so far is still in utero, but I'm going to need  to find ten very small flannel sleepers soon.

As it is I'm going to have to come up with some sort of green house solution for the baby plants I bought over the weekend. I can't put them in the ground until it gets warmer and I don't think they really want to live in my entry way until the weather warms up. I'm going to have to find a window that is 1) Cat Safe and 2) Not Drafty . I'm going to have to take them to work.

Thank Gawd I didn't put away the puppy's space heater or he would have been a pupcicle by the time I came home from work today! He has a little more body fat now, or at least he had a little more body fat, even with the help of the space heater by the time I came home from work and he was back to being skin and bones again.He;s not going to like it, but I'm seeing footed jammies in his future.

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