Monday, April 22, 2013

Garden Update

On to happier things. Today I picked up what is mostly likely the rest of the garden.

In that tiny jungle I have :

California Wonder peppers, sweet bells

Better Bells

Kind of a theme, I like green bell peppers. They are good as seasoning in soups and stews and stir fries and they are great stuffed.

I also have now three kinds of tomatoes. The Burpee Super Sauce variety I planted last weekend

And now I add Better Girl

and Tomato Celebrity, these are both for slicing.

I got my yearly watermelons, but this time I bought two varieties,  new for 2013, I picked oblong fruits. Variety #1 is
And variety #2 is
Charleston Gray
Both are big guys, but I think they will be fun. This week I'm going to work on getting everyone in the ground where they will join their container brethren, potatoes and corn. I'm hopeing to get my beans planted and the tee-pee constructed next weekend and then on to the sun flowers and the pallet project!
I got my pallets together, not the direction I was planning on going but the direction  I ended up choosing as an alternate did not direct me on a non-stop trip to Temper Tantrum City! The instructions online looked so easy to follow and so simple to do... LIES all LIES! Not a single video mentioned that staple guns are the tools of the devil!
I took the road less infuriating

They didn't turn out as elegantly as I had hoped they would, but I can still plant in them and they should be pretty when they are filled. The pallet on the bottom will be planted with herbs with some taller flowers planted in the bottom section and the larger pallet pictured on top will have flowers and other decorative plants.

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