Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Newbies

The yard  wanted to be mowed, I understood that its supposed to rain and that by the time the yard would be dry enough to mow, the neighbors would want it to be mowed - and nobody wants that.

It was on my list.

And then the hipster mowed his lawn! This doesn't happen very often and if the hipsters yard looks better than mine? It is now time to mow the yard. The couple is nice enough but they aren't particularly forthcoming and we don't really speak. We spoke today.  We talked about the For Sale sign disappearing from the needs-to-be-mowed yard of the house across the street.

I was mowing my lawn when a car pulled into the drive way of the house across the street and out popped Couple 2 from a few weeks ago. The people! They also have a basset hound and a baby boy. The closed on the house this evening and they wanted to come try out their new keys.

I gave them their privacy and finsihed my yard. With the outside was looking better, I turned my sights to the inside.I mow the yard because the neighbors see it, I don't vacuum the inside because I try not to see it. I had to do something before the only right tool for the job was a rake.

I took care of the living and dining rooms and the hall way and dogs room but I still have to tidy the bathroom, hang up  most of last winters wardrobe in the bedroom, make the bed and clean the entryways. Fun.

This weekend my father will be here and we have a lot of work to whip the backyard into shape and hopefully I'll get the vegetables planted and the vertical gardens taken care of too. The summer is lucky its so damn cute because it s a lot more work than its ugly sister, winter .

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