Monday, May 6, 2013

Dr. Goodog

Back so soon? I need more three day weekends, I wonder if I could talk my doctor into writting me a prescription for that? Yeah, my MD says it is for my blood pressure, so , yeah, I need to take Fridays off until further notice? I think it might work.

And then I wake up.

Speaking of doctors and requests, what is the best way to approach your vet to tell him him/her not ask him/her - to write your dog a prescription for Prozac? I'm totally open to behavior modification, in fact I would also need some sort of written directions for that, but my dog needs Prozac like yesterday. Really, like months ago.

I wasted a lot of time worrying about potty training and to a lesser degree, his barking, without putting the pieces together. I just thought he was the worlds hardest dog to potty train ( by the way, he's rock solid on that, the only time he wets is in his box when I am not here. he sleeps through the night and when I am around, he goes to the door to let me know he needs to go out) and that the barking was  just a  puppy thing he would out grow. He still might, with a little help from Doctor Goodog.

I need him to not freak out because I'm in the shower or  upstairs out in the yard or going down the street for a milk shake. I need him to be able to be alone without stroking out. This summer he's going to be without me for weeks and I'm concerned that this is going to end badly, I need him to be mentally healthier than he is now and I need him to be able to function without me for more than seconds at a time, which is what we're working with now. He can't go weeks if he can't go minutes!

As problematic and irritating as his issues are, I think his separation anxiety is mild - in comparison to what I have read online about SA dogs tearing up furniture ( shredding anything handy is a common symptom) and destroying crates and  damaging their homes  and ultimately causing themselves real injury in the course of their anxiety. I don't want this to go from a irritating problem to an injurious problem and it can very quickly. I need my vet to have an open mind and a handy prescription pad. And  I should have asked months ago.

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