Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The cost of doing business

I was driving Rocket back from CGC  where Rocket was used as the "example dog" twice! He is very good at lose leash walking and slightly less terrific, but better than others, at casual meeting.  He does not jump and he doesn't force his attentions on dogs who don't want to visit with him. He loves people but not too much.

He was also held out as an example of doing good Doggy Sit Ups - You go from a sit to a down and stay before starting over, he doesn't love "down" but I learned today that the breed is not big on "down" over all.  It was a good class and the instructor worked with us a little after class on Supervised Separation, his worst subject.  We almost never get extra attention because Rocket can pretty much do the skills and he doesn't jump around or refuse or bite. Good behavior is not nessarly its own reward, if he was bad we would get more attention and we need more attention.

Class was over and it had been a long day. Rocket was tired and I just wanted to go home. We couldn't go home. Rocket needed more wet food and I need deodorant. My idea was that we would pass a Wallyworld on the way back, because there's a Wally on every corner or at least every few miles and no doubt I was pass at least one on the way back.

No, I didn't. There were no Wallys. There was a Sam's and a couple of big box home improvement places and a giant wine store. I would have to drive to my Wally. Far and out of the way and not at all convenient. I started looking for grocery stores and found one.

The price difference for convenience is .98 a can. and I certainly hope that Rocket can tell the difference! This shite had better be made of Kobe Beef  and locally grown artisanal vegetables and the Kobe beef cut by hand by blind baby monks then hand cut and pr profusely blessed by said blind baby monks, who will  then come feed my dog by hand, with their very special, blind baby monk hands! All the while blessing him profusely! And singing special blind baby monk songs and dancing and also cleaning my bathroom.   And the stuff I bought  was on sale! and even when its not on sale,  its still not the most expensive variety of canned food on the shelf.  I ended up with seven cans of  Alpo wet food ( I don't want to have to come back immediately)  for what I could have paid for 22 cans of Gravy Train!. The math makes me sad. On the upside, I now know how much Gravy Train I want to buy at a time, for $13.50 I can buy a month of wet at a time and you can be damn sure I will. The dog doesn't really like blind baby monks any way.

I also paid too much for my deodorant. Yay for convenience.

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