Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Garden Day 3

I haven't checked for progress, and its a good thing because today I got a treat - Actual Progress! On all fronts!

This is the corn. I planted, per the instructions, nine seeds. I got three, I will be planting more, hopefully with better results. But I'm glad to see any come up.

Some of the sunflower's, another surprise. I didn't think they were going to come up, I just had this feeling after I got them in the ground. But they pulled through, I hope they keep going.

More surprises! Most of the beans seem to be either coming up or clearly trying hard. This is the worst plot in the yard and I need to keep a close watch on it to make sure it stays wet enough for growth.

This is the morning glory I transplanted. It grew more leaves! and seems happy where it is now. I took these in the early evening with a flash and the color isn't exactly accurate, they aren't that yellowy.

Growing well, at least one plant has flower buds all ready. I need to add more dirt to a couple of the bins.

The old school potato garden, still doing well and exceeding expectations.

The vertical herbs are chugging along, I need to add something to them though, see the yellow parsley. I blame too much rain.

The watermelons are all still with us.

You don't need to buy expensive hanging baskets every year, do it once and save the baskets.

Odd color due to time and flash. So far, so good. Noticeable growth and good progress.

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