Thursday, May 9, 2013

Walk like a...

I was setting out on a trip to the post office with Rocket and we ran into a nice man who lives down the street from us. We see him regularly and he always waves and talks to Rocket, today I thought he would like actually touch Rocket for the first time.

The man told me he was afraid of Rocket! He's known Rocket since he was a tiny puppy, I had no idea he was scared of dogs because he's always been so sweet to him. I even had Rocket to sit and be still in hopes our friend would be more comfortable and then Rocket yawned and that freaked out the guy because all he saw was this huge mouth and these great big teeth.He pretty much ran away at hat point. Rocket is so much smaller than his parts.

I feel really bad about the neighbor being scared of baby dog, especially since he has known him forever and I had no idea the reason he never really stopped to visit was because he was scared of him! I always thought he was just in a hurry to get to where ever he was going. I feel bad now.

I was thinking about that while we walked, I needed the walk more than he did. He has spent the last few days at daycare and he is wiped out. I however, have not and I needed a walk. Do you know how to make your dog a great lose leash walker? You can go the hard way 1) find an obedience class and then drill, drill, drill your skills or you can take the easy way 2) arrange for your dog to run flat out 8-10 hours a day three or four days in a row and then take him for a walk! Flawless lose leash walking, textbook Good Dog.

Of course, he is also textbook  Exhausted Dog, but its about looking Good, right?

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