Friday, May 10, 2013

S.S. Mood Stabilizer or The Good Ship SSRI.

My dog is on Prozac. Well, my dog will  be on prozac,  its just the kind of pill he takes - I thought that Prozac was Prozac, a lot I know as it turns out; There are caplets and tablets.

Rockets prescription was for tablets. Caplets are $4 a month, tablets are $95 a month. Clearly, some discussion needs to be had because I'm not paying $95 for pills.  The script was for a pill and a half per day, caplets can;t be half a pill, tablets can but sadly won't ebcause $95 a month! I think the dose was a little high anyway so I am hooping that the vet just drops the dose enough that I can get by with one caplet a day until he needs more. The pharmacy was a little surprised too, so maybe taking it down a little will be a good thing. I had all ready been advised by nurses at work to not start him off at the full dose right away. RNs trump DVMs. Sorry  vets.

This took an hour to suss out. I left Rocket at home alone because this was supposed to be a quick back and forth trip and it wouldn't be a problem. The good news was that he didn't bark, the bad news that he did pee the futon.

My hope is that whatever kind of pill he ends up on, that one day he can be alone and not pee on anything and do so in silence and just be. I want him to be as happy as he is when I can be with him when I can't be. Poor dog.

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