Friday, May 24, 2013


Today I learned online that if you had a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to your dogs water that you can improve its appetite. Is there anything apple cider vinegar can not achieve? You can also use it to make your dog not pee in a given location, and if you apply it  directly to the dog, it kills fleas that the dog shampoo leaves in its wake and changes the dogs taste and makes them less tasty to fleas that come after, and leaves their coats shiny.

I learned in my own kitchen, out that my electric chopper does a better job at chopping up boiled eggs than I do - much finer texture, much nicer appearance and it coats the kibble much better than the rough chop I get by hand. I'm going to make that dog fill out if he has to eat half a dozen eggs a day damn it! Eggs are cheap and I have a very deep pot! I've never had a pet that needed to gain weight, this a new experience for me.

I've always had pets that spent their lives on the higher end of normal limits, so I would think that if the animal spends enough time with me, the animal should gain and maintain weight. In theory at least.

I've never had a pet that lost weight on purpose,  I put them on diets, fed them diet pet food, tried to put them on exercise programs stressed over their weight, got shit about their weight, watched helplessly while they dropped weight due to illness . In general a thin animal makes me feel very unhappy because my pets are never thin until the end. This is a dog at the beginning, he should be round.

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