Thursday, May 23, 2013


Friday I'm going to have to  give in and go buy some nice vining flower for my front door. I had foraged some lovely the Japanese  honeysuckle roots, but apparently, while it can live under any circumstance in the wild, it can not live in a pot under any circumstances. It makes me sad because I really, really  love the scent of honeysuckle and I would love to have it at my house - it is not to be.

There are other varieties of honeysuckle  that do live well in captivity but they have no scent and without the scent I have no interest in the plant. I will end up settling on anything other than trumpet vine. I do have some hope for my existing plant though, on one of the roots there is a tiny, green shoot, its very small and may lead to nothing but  even if it is ultimately ( please Gawd! successful) it won't grow enough to wrap the door way this season. I'm going to keep that plant in the pot and add something that will vine this season.

I am proud to announce that Rocket ate both his meals today!  No leftovers! In honor of this occasion I went to Food Lion and bought him two boxes of on special hard boiled eggs, now he can have two eggs per meal! Next week he won't be going to daycare at all and so hopefully he will have a chance to put on some weight. There is nothing like sleeping all day for a week to pack on the pounds, I'm hopeing at least, that's how it works for me at least. Like Mama like puppy? I can only hope but I have a feeling that he will find a way to lose weight while he sleeps, and even worse? he is not a huge fan of between meal snacking! he likes a good cheese puff , but he won't just eat one after another. Maybe he has body dysmorphic disorder? He sees a fat dog instead of the Super Model he is? How sad. You would think the Prozac would aid with those things. Humph.

I did not help his weight gain by forcing him to go for a walk with me  after I got back from the store. It was just so nice and cool and  I couldn't help myself. It did give him the opportunity to meet and greet a lovely family also out for a stroll and gave him a chance to  be around a baby - he's really good around children in general but he doesn't have much experience with the pre-toddler set. This baby was very brave and reached out and touched Rockets nose and then laughed and laughed!  It was the cutest thing ever! Rocket was also very gentle and patient with the slightly older children who did a lot of  Dog alarming bobbing and weaving and shrieking too.  I was very proud of him.

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