Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Top Dog Chef

Rocket and I decided to change up our walking routine. Instead of dashing out the door the minute I got home from work we  thought that what we really wanted to do now that it is warmer and stays light longer, was to not dash out the door and instead relax in front of the TV and only then, an hour or so later, did we go for a walk.

A walk, not the walk. We went on a half hour walk while my dinner cooked in the toaster oven and then we came back and we both ate dinner and then Rocket watched some TV while I puttered in the garden. We just got a lot of rain and while the moisture is good for everything, it also depletes the soil of nutrients so I gave everyone a nice snack of some light fertilizer to give them a little added umph as we enter the growing season.

Then a little later on Rocket and I went for another half hour walk. It woke us both up and it was really nice in the cool, early evening temperatures and I got a milk shake because,  why not?

Speaking of food. I think I've figured out that Rocket only wants to eat two cups of kibble at a sitting. he doesn't' want three cups and he won't eat it if put in front of him. He can look at the food dish and tell there is too much kibble in it and he won't eat any of it! This really bugs me because I put together a kick ass dog meal! Its  made up of three cups of kibble, a half a can of wet food,  a chopped up hard boiled egg, a large handful of grated cheese and a healthy topping of parmesan cheese. This is the good stuff and any other dog would inhale it! He might nose around the cheese but he leaves it full but if I make it with two cups of kibble he  finishes the bowl. This is enough food to make a whippet tubby in a week, thus far Rocket is beating the odds.

I think he may also prefer the chicken flavored wet food and he prefers the egg to be very chopped up and then he likes the yoke part the best. He does not seem to like the new parmesan cheese I bought at Big Lots - which I can under stand,  I did buy it at big lots, but since I bought it there, I bought  several containers of it so he and I both are going to have to learn to like it. Like it or not.

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