Tuesday, May 21, 2013

You've heard of Dopey Dog and Deputy Dawg now meet Sleepy Dog

This is Rocket after nine hours of day care and one hour of CGC class. I let him sleep  after we got home for a while but eventually I decided that he really needed to be awake for at least a few minutes before bed time, so we went for a walk around the block. On our way out I heard what sounded like very young puppies? but I couldn't place them. One of my neighbors was out visiting with friends and I took that maybe these very young puppies were either with them or they knew about these crying babies and would take care of them presently.

On the way back I heard them again and my neighbors guests had left. I asked him if he knew where the unknown babies - after listening to them we decided they are kittens - and he said he had looked and couldn't find them. We think they are under the newly empty house, or in the shrubbery. I think they are in the crawl space under the house because the sound seems to move around and neither of us with our flashlights or the dog with his dog nose could pin them down.  My neighbor said he's going to call the recently relocated neighbor and tell him about the kitties. He also mentioned that the house may have all ready been sold. Well, the sign in the yard tells me otherwise but it would be great for the house to have people in it so fast. It would be super to have that really be the truth but more importantly,  baby kitties need to be tracked down and rescued.

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