Monday, May 20, 2013

Garden Day 4

Around 7pm or so Sunday I got the idea that I needed to go to the grocery to get some BOGO bottled teas that I mainline. I hippity-hopped out the store on the far other side of New Bern Avenue, bought my teas and started for home.

Sometime after that something very unfortunate happened on New Bern Avenue. To other people, specifically, two other cars and an other motorcycle. All at once. Together.

Did you know that if you live at one end of New Bern Avenue and for whatever reason you are prevented from getting there on New Bern Avenue, you are going to need to move because there is no way to get home now. I gamely took one of the side streets and very quickly found myself lost.

Did I mention it was now dark and raining like hell?

I finally ended up feeling my way back forty minutes after my journey began, but I did not enjoy myself.

So. Its Garden Update Time!!!

I mowed the yard and next time it looks like I'm going to be sweeping dirt.

Looks much better from this angle

Kind of slow going on the bean tee-pee, but some progress is being made.

 Peppers and tomatoes are hanging in there. Tomatoes are doing their thing.


 Old School potatoes are holding there own.

New school potatoes growing a developing.

Watermelons resting before their big growth spurt.


Vertical herbs are all ready being useful and tasty.

Vertical carrots are trying really, really hard.

Sunflowers are perking along, sprouted and on their way.

 Not dead yet!

Corn is sprouting and I just planted some more.

Blueberries are still white. I'm not sure what's going on with them.

Also? Still alive damn it.

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