Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Garden Day 5

There have been some changes, I did a couple of upgrades and additions.

For example:

Actual, real life Japanese Honeysuckle from the store! So excited! I just hope its happy here and gives me lots of happy sweet scented flowers.

I love lantana and the impatiens I had there were not happy in the sun, the lantana will be happy in the sun. I got three kinds, orange/red, purple/yellow and white/white.

Broskey and Alphagal donated some strawberry plants to me. They look kind of sad now, but I am hopeing that they perk up soon.  It would be awesome if I can make some strawberry icecream.

I pulled out some under-performing and badly thought out carrots and replaced them with some nice oregano. I am really enjoying using herbs out of my own garden. Next up: Preserving my own herbs from my own garden.

I bought some new coleus, because the little white flowers were not happy anymore. I should have bought white, but other plants will fail and I'll replace them with the white kind.
The garden is finally beginning to do some growing, for example:
Corn isn't going to be as high as an elephant's eye by July 4, but hopefully, it will still be growing.

Despite being planted in the worst possible place, the beans are starting to progress.

The watermelons are being to spread out and grow vines.

The spuds are still doing their things. I think the reds will be ready to be pulled by next week, the rest  will wait until I get back from vacation.

The peppers are taking their time.

The tomaotes have been using their time wisely, this is an Early Girl plant. The other varieties are growing a lot of stems and leaves but no fruits yet.

The sunflowers are getting taller, slowly.

The tomatoes are getting broad and not tall, I credit this to more direct sunshine and less bean trellis.

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