Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Eating, V2

Who likes rice and chicken?

This guy! This guy loves rice and chicken!
He glommed it down! A whole cup of rice and half a can of chicken pieces! His first real meal in days*

*his first full meal that did not include being fed by hand, bribed with wet food, boiled eggs, shredded cheese and a hefty shake of parmesan cheese.

He has been snacking on peanut butter and  banana but dog can not live on peanut butter and banana alone. The  peanut butter is okay because its full of fat and protean and lovely, lovely calories but bananas have the fat of cardboard and  Rocket does not have time or the BMI for health food.
For the next few days he's going to be living large on rice and canned chicken, after that I start  slowly re-introducing kibble, I'm not sure over how much time, I'm going to have to check - because  even rice adds up after a while and canned chicken is like really, really, really nice canned dog food, so maybe the re-introduction will be somewhat less lengthy than the suggested time frame, then it would be for more affluent dog owners but- in this case, new chicken and rice kibble. Which he better damn like.
In honor of the sheer joy I got from watching him eat, I bought him a couple of new Kong toys. New,  deeply discounted Kong toys. Kong toys are a fortune so when you see them at that price, you buy two. Kong toys are doggy crack and they are very, very close to indestructible. I bought Kong balls and he will have them for a long time. Longer than he has his.
Yesterday I left out the progress of one of my plants! I know shock!horror!
 This is Bill, my nepenthes plant. I am thrilled that it is making a new pitcher. I am hopeing that it makes more over the summer and I pat myself on the back that I got this hot-house raised plant through the winter in my cold-house. Now it lives outside and I hope it has a fat summer eating bugs and getting strong.

I took a picture of a bird wren. She and her babies live in my bird feeder

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