Thursday, May 30, 2013


I probably should have mowed the lawn Wednesday. I could have used the push mower and had it done in forty minutes, but every time I do the job early, it has to be done earlier next time around and eventually I'll have to do it more than once a week to keep up and I don't want to be that  neighbor. I could do it tonight, which would be okayish as who really wants to spend their Friday night mowing the yard, but I could spend my Friday mowing the lawn as I just learned that this Friday is not actually First Friday but is in reality Last Friday and that is sadly, not a thing.

I'll have to think about it. I could take the dog for a shorter walk and save the energy for mowing the yard later - he wouldn't mind and  with an eye towards his weight, the less exercise he gets the more weight he keeps on but at the same time the less exercise he gets the more muscle tone he loses and that is a bad outcome too. But do I really want to mow the yard on a school night? I don't think I need to and I don't want the neighbors to think I'm pressuring them into changing the set Saturday/Sunday lawn mowing schedule that is followed on the block. Again, I don't want to be that neighbor.

To change the subject, Rocket  ate more rice and chicken today. He likes it a lot but no matter how much he likes it he can't keep eating rice and chicken for ever. Its a lot more expensive  and involves a lot more cooking  okay, a lot more time microwaving rice! I had to buy a bag of rice at Wallyworld today that was so heavy I rented a burrow to heft it to the register. They have them, in the Mexican food isle, next to the pallets of tortillas. 

Even with the canned chicken pieces and slow reintroduction of  kibble, the whole exercise sets a bad precedence about what is "dog food" and what is "people food", I prefer a clear delineation in his mind and right now the line is smudgy. He is going to need to transition back to all-kibble-all-the-time. Hopefully he will be as exuberantly fond of chicken and rice kibble as he is of chicken and rice.

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