Friday, May 31, 2013


I didn't mow the yard! But I had a good reason! Really! The new people across the street are having a housewarming potluck ( I assume from all the hipsters carrying casserole dishes) and who was I to subject them to the noise and allergens from a neighbor selfishly mowing their yard?

I could have gone the manual route but do your guests need to see your neighbor huffing and puffing and be all Yardcore while you are trying to entertain? No. I am sacrificing my curb appeal for them. I hope they care. I would have had my front door painted by now, but you know, that's just me.

I had work to do in the back yard that was more pressing. The potatoes were really to go. Its earlier than the last couple of years due to a winter that would not end and a spring that would not start and then we had too much rain and then after too much rain there was not enough irrigation. It was an odd season. I still have the volunteers in the garden and a bin out in the yard so this isn't the end of the potato harvest but it is probably most of it.

The experimental traditionally planted potatoes were much more successful than the ones planted in the containers. I was surprised, but pleased because I am a big fan of the Yukon golds and I now have a lot of them.

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