Thursday, May 2, 2013

Its in the timing.


I figured out why my timer is leaking. After much work and a roll of plumbers tape I figured out that the seal on the timer are shot and that's why its leaking the way it is. I can and will tolerate a light drip but I can't have a constant dribble or the great big flood I end up paying for on my water bill.

There is also a problem with an extender I have on the faucet: It won't come off, and I need it to come off because I think its leaking as well, failing somewhere too as it is also drippier than I would like and while the timer will be a little challenge to remove, the extender is going to be a nightmare! I put it on there to stay several years ago and it has stayed, very. Now, when I tried to get it off it won't budge. I tried it by hand and failed and then I came back with a lid gripper and it failed and then I tried with a wrench. Strike 3.I don't know what I used to get it on there but it was a fantastic job it did, because now its on there like a tattoo.

I decided that I don't do that kind of job so it must be my hands. I have little, girly hands that aren't strong enough to properly force that son of a bitch off. This is why they invented brothers, because I am sure that he can get that little bastard right off there. I have (somewhere) another extender - the faucet is short and its hard to get  timers attached  cleanly so I add a few inches with an extender to make it easier to hook everything up. But I have to get the drippy initial extender off the faucet.

I think I'm going to get my new timer because it will make me feel better and proves to me that a garden can suck up all your time and money even on a rainy day. I thought the old timer had another season in it but this is its third summer and its one summer too many. Fortunately for the plants and I, its has been raining and over cast for days so they haven't missed the watering. I'm not sure however how much longer this broken timer friendly weather pattern is going to last  and I need to take care of this sooner rather than later because eventually it will stop raining and the ground will dry out and I'n going to need a working, non-drippy timer.

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