Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New Guy

Well, it took 32 weeks but Rocket finally scored his very first boo-boo. I can't be sure if it happened at Daycare or at school, but he managed to scrape a paw pad on his front left side. I noticed he was licking something this morning but I didn't initially see anything, he wasn't really open about his injury and didn't want me to see it. Such a dog. I let it go before I left for work because I don't believe that normal licking is bad for a wound, its only when it gets obsessive that its harmful, I let him take care of his self at least at first - the  healing power of dog spit and all. So he thought.

(Speaking of his other boo-boo, the one I can't bitter apple into submission, This guy is my new weim guru.)

Rocket doesn't realize that this isn't my first time at the rodeo and he's going to have to better than pulling paw away if he wants me to stay away from it and he's fooling himself if he thinks he has a chance that I will stay away. I went to work, I didn't go to "stupid", after I got home I gave the paw a quick soapy bath followed up by a nice rinse and then treated it to a nice dip into hydrogen peroxide and topped off by a slathering of triple antibiotic ointment and a misting of bitter apple.  I hope he wasn't too traumatized because until he's firing on all paws, he's going to have to put up with the nursing.

He's going to want to be all he can be because the new people are coming and they are bringing a male weim with them. Today we got to meet new guy and it was exciting. New Guy  was a little anxious because he really hasn't been in his yard enough to really have ownership yet and he was a little uncomfortable and a little quick to snap .- but his Dad has firm control over him and so the two weims got a nice initial meet and greet and we now are all aware that New Guy is the alpha, it had to be done.  It was a little rough going but it'll get better. Rocket got along brilliantly with their little girl basset and that was sweet to watch.

And since it finally stopped raining I was able to put together three new hanging baskets for the yard. Yay for pretty things.

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