Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Changing Up

We're going to see if he thinks telephone cable is eatable. I also think I'm going to move the knot to inside the stairwell because it looks like something that might be nummy to chew. I had to make it longer because the cat couldn't squeeze through! I made a new  slightly longer loop and now he can get up and down and I can get the loop off so I can get up and down. Dog can still not get up or down.

In the spirit of Change Is Good, I also switched out two of my sprinklers as well, one in the front and one in back The dog didn't eat those, but the other ideas weren't working out as strongly as I had pictured. Its important to recognize that your first solution to the problem might need to be re-visited . I am also happy that  these changes didn't cost me a dime - I was able to use sprinklers I all ready had. I still need to hook the timer up to the front, and I can't remember if its cranky or if I need anything else to make it work property. I  hate leaks and since the water will have to be "on" all the time, there is a real risk of leaks and even a little bit of water leaking all day every day turns into a lot of water .

I need to get off the pot with the timer thought because I want my sprinklers to be seen going off while I'm here do the fact that I am not is not so jarring. I want the message to be "She is just too lazy to water her own plants" not "She is not here"

Oh, I found the first blossom on my watermelons, its a male flower but they always come out first and then the female flowers make their appearance.. I am hoping that while I am gone that the females come out and I come home to baby melons

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