Monday, June 17, 2013

Garden Day 6

In honor of Fathers Day,  I am going to start with some images for my dad.

Last week my sump pump was working but the pipe that leads from it to the outdoors , was not. The problem with the pipe was that it wasn't a single pipe, it was pipes,  a short one from the pump joined with a longer one that attached to the line that went outside - and one of the junctions had come loose. There were a total of three separate pipes in use. This is two pipes too many. Now there is one line.

The new hose is an actual dedicated Sump Pump hose, this is what it was made for and it is a single hose from start to finish. Even better, it was only $22 and if gawd forbid something does happen to it, even I could replace it.

That job I had to job out, the next job I did myself, with coaching from my Dad.

I ordered a high tech version of this, but this will serve for the next few weeks before vacation. I was hopeing it would come to this, but the damn dog ate my shorts! He's escalating! First shoes than shorts!  He's still very young and this behavior is not unusual and it should be expected, but it doesn't make it less irritating or any less frustrating. I thought he was better than this.

But between the two of us, we have a solution and this should at least keep him out of the upstairs and away from my clothes and shoes but without keeping the cat away from his box and food.

Onto the garden update!

First off: We have Corn!

I am so excited! I made corn! I have all ready decided that next year I am going to plant corn in the actual ground.

The sunflowers are getting taller and better every day. I can't wait for them to reach their full height and start blooming. I see the tiny bug but I don't know what it is.

Onward to the beans

The issue that is becoming clear is that not all the beans are "pole beans", most of the beans are  "bush beans", which is not what I thought I was planting. So I have some pole and some bush, the pole beans will produce all season while the bush beans will produce all at once. I can definitely see them producing while I am on vacation. Super.

Still in the yard, next we have the watermelons and the herbs and the morning glories

The melon plants are stretching out and making themselves at home. No blossoms yet. The herbs are doing well and are another new addition that will be back next year. The morning glory plant is growing up but like the melons, not blossoms yet.

The peppers!

Lots of plants, lots of blooms, one fruit.

The tomatoes are doing much better. Lots of plants, lots of fruits. Not all the plants have produced yet, but I have three different varieties so I'm going to cut them some slack because those that are working, are working hard.

Backyard family picture
On to the front deck

Lots of berries but they aren't blue! How long does it take for them to turn blue?!

Still going strong. HA!
After a rough start, the strawberries seem to be settling in. I have high hopes for next spring.

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