Friday, June 21, 2013

Dog Thoughts

When I came home for lunch Rocket had pulled the phone book  that I pulled into service in the stairwell  out to the floor in front of the attic stairs -  but he hadn't chewed it. I returned it and when I came home from work it was still in place.

I just taught Rocket a stupid thing. I taught him that he can jump over the baby gate from both directions, previously, he would only jump over the gate to get out of the room.  I just taught him that he can jump over the gate to get into the room as well. I do notice hat he is not clearing it as cleanly as he used to though and  while out on our walks, he is refusing to jump on the top of the black boxes at the bank building that he used to enjoy jumping on. They are taller than he is but he used to jump to the top of them like a mountain goat. I think though that lately he has gotten taller and longer and he no longer the prepubescent Olympic gymnast he was a few months ago. It has also been pointed out to me that he may have developed "fear", something that the very young do not come with.

Waaaaah! He's not a baby anyyyymmmoooore! But if that's so, why is he suddenly chewing on my world? In his defense, he hasn't discovered the wonder of furniture yet - is this because he was locked up as a pup and now  that he's gained his freedom he's going through a second childhood?

What I would really like is for him to be able to spend his time in the office, like Daisy did. Daisy never  jumped the baby gate or barked all damn day.  What she lacked in emotional problems she more than made up with the physical. Which is the harder pet to deal with, the one with physical problems  or the one with a dog shrink?  Which is the hardest to live with? Is a smart dog harder to live with than a dull witted one? Is any animal just one or the other?

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