Thursday, June 20, 2013

You gotta laugh.

If you don't want to eat  chips, don't keep chips in your house. I'm just saying.

Okay, the funny story about what Rocket ate. I know you have been just breathless with anticipation.  I told you about trying to secure the door to the attic while still having open enough to allow for ventilation and and point of egress for the cat. I also mentioned that Rocket ate the original line I used to hold the door. I then moved up to telephone cable and thus far, it don't taste as good as the plastic rope I was using.

I went off to work feeling smug. And then I came home. The best way to gadge how bad Rocket has been during the day is to see whether or not he greets me at the door when I come home. If he is at the door - He hasn't done anything he feels ashamed off, it doesn't mean he was flawless, it just means that whatever mischief he got into is new mischief, i.e something he has not yet been punished for and doesn't know is wrong yet or whatever it is he did, he did so long ago that he forgot he did it The other option is  I come home and he does not greet me at the door because he is cowering in the living room over whatever he ate this time - Knowing of course, that eating my things ends in shame and sadness but being unable to stop himself from doing it in the first place.

Tuesday I come home and Rocket is at the door wiggling with great joy. The cat will occasionally greet me at the door, but he does not wiggle in joy because I am home.

Finding him wriggling with joy fills me with joy!  He isn't ashamed! I will not have to be Bad Mommy! Yay! Good Mommy! and then I walked into the dining room. And find the book cover to the door stop book on the dining room carpet, torn and not in the stairwell and halfway to ruined and the book spayed out near by and clearly wounded.

 I assumed for some reason that I had the problem solved when I changed out the cord, I never thought he would turn on the book! I didn't know he had that in him. Also I didn't think that he could get the big, heavy thing through the very narrow space allowed by the cord system. He should not have been able to do this,

The book is pulled out to aid is seeing it

 I was horrified and at the same time, a tiny bit proud of his ingenuity and patience and how goal orientated he is. Prior to this I had even began to get a little bit of buyers remorse about shelling out for the store bought door system I got online.The book had been pried out of the stairwell . He had to maneuver it from its place on the stairs, turn it so it could be removed and then get it out. I can not do this with my thumbs, it is a task to do this. Clearly he needs a hobby or  more sedation. He has way too much time on his hands, or paws. Too much time on his paws.

The funny part of this is that the book he chewed up is an etiquette book! How rude is it to chew and book and he chews and etiquette book! Come on! Irony! Ha Ha.

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