Monday, June 10, 2013

Happy Monday

The weekend end started not with a bang but with a  splash . My basement flooded. It rained all day Thursday and Friday, water, water everywhere. The sump pump worked like a charm, the flood was not directly its fault, it worked, it pumped the water up and out.

The up was the problem. There is a rubber pipe in two pieces that the water is pumped through, until Friday I did not know it was two pipes, it I leaned, should be a single pipe, this two pipe set up is incorrect and insecure and badly done. Badly done, but it worked for a very long time and its age lent it gravitas.

Lying piece of shit.

It rained like hell. The water rose and the pump pumped and the hose connection which had been loosening up for months - I thought it was a small leak and I tried to "fix" it with plumbers tape and neglect. It was not a leak, it was the two pipes and the multiple cinches that hold them together, no longer holding it together. My plumbers tape was a swing and a miss.

I had been looking forward to Friday because it was a First Friday, downtown was open for business and I wanted to take part. I like shopping local.  I came home after work with the idea that I was going to take the dog downtown and see what there was to see and then return home, feed the dog and go back downtown to feed myself and see what there was to see.

The dog and were were heading out the door when I heard rushing water.

I turned on the basement light and faced a lake of soap suds. The suds were from my detergent getting soaked and ruined. The floor and everything else with the misfortune of being in the basement, smells mountain fresh. I am somewhat proud of myself doe there being so little directly resting on the floor, enough though for there to be wetness and odor for days . The floor is still wet, the rain left 100% humidity and nothing is drying, not even  with doors open and fans on  and dehumidifiers utilized, the puddles remain.

Off Topic - Dear asshole, you did not meet a "Turtle Friend". He was not happy to have you in his "Under water home" he was waiting for someone bigger than him to take a bite out of you so he could have the left overs. He does not work for the resort and he is not a Disney character and this is not a cartoon. He DOES NOT LIKE YOU AND HIS ONLY CUROSITY ABOUT YOU IS HE WONDERS WHAT YOU TASTE LIKE.

I called my parents who were way, way out of town. I called my brother who was headed in the wrong direction. I called my neighbor, explained my terrible problem and he came by and fixed it. Free. I paid him to put my fence in after the storm and to put the pump when the old one died. He came Friday night, after a long day at work, before he even went home, diagnosed the problem and solved it. He told me what was wrong and how he would fix it. I'm going to call him this week and have him to fix it. Shopping local pays. I  fed the dog,went to First Fridays and had some half way decent Chinese and saw the sights. As scheduled.

The rest of the weekend, frankly, didn't matter much.

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