Tuesday, June 11, 2013


It has occurred to me that I am going on vacation in say, eighteen days and I haven't really put much thought into it yet. I know I need to bring shirts and shorts and I need to dig up swim suits but I also need to bring jeans and turtle necks and fleece  and I need to bring way, way more than I will actually wear. Always. Its hard to plan because historically, the weather is all over the place . Its been hot, its been cold. You can't say "Its July its going to be July", sometimes  its November.

If I bring just traditional summer clothes it will guarantee the coldest July on record, if I bring  jeans and flannel there will be a record breaking hot spell - if I bring some of each I won't wear half of what I bring.

I'm trying to keep track of what toys I need to bring, computer, phone, camera, Ipod,  Kindle and of course, all their batteries, cords and whatnots. And this year, I also have a really, really big toy - this year There Is A Puppy and the puppy has his own things that I need to bring with us for example: at least most of his toys, his food, his bowls, his treats, his many  leashes, his Prozac and at probably two of his coats. And that's just hat I came up with from the top of my head. Also his flea and tick meds, his tags, his bedding and his crate. And I'm sure there are other things I'll remember too late.

A puppy is different from a dog. Daisy didn't have toys and wasn't interested in my shoes. Her needs were few. Rocket is interested in shoes and he "needs" a lot of stuff. Daisy  did eat my thing s when she was a puppy and she managed to eat my things from inside her crate. that took talent. Fortunately for Rocket, after eating a shoe I was invested in, he has since learned to focus on shoes I have forgotten I have. I come home from work everyday and take a quick trip down memory lane via whatever forgotten shoe he has dug up. Literally, the shoe he ate today had been moldering under my bed for so long the dust bunnies had abandoned it for more fertile lands. I think I wore it last eight years ago. Why do I have a pair of shoes that had its day years ago? I could wear them again as slippers . Now I have fewer emergency slipper options open to me. Sniff.

Rocket also seems to enjoy being smacked with these shoes, but at least today he had the good grace to at least cower while being beaten. Brat.

Daisy wasn't interested in my shoes because Daisy didn't have the option to eat my shoes, Daisy  had her own room and she never jumped the baby gate! Daisy didn't have to  play hide and seek with my wardrobe because she was happy in her room with her futon and he window and her bones. Daisy was an uncomplicated girl.

Rocket on the other hand, Rocket won't stay in his room, Rocket is not happy with  his own futon or a great view, Rocket jumped the baby gate and turned my whole house into "his room". I want the Birthday Fairy to bring me some sort of whole house  nanny cam so I can see what he does all day and where he does it and when he is doing it. I always knew what Daisy was doing! She was on her futon chewing on her things.

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